The mobile video centering and consulting system.
The perfect assistant for optometrists.

Increase your sales and customer satisfaction with the OptikamPad. Support and impress your customers with the selection of frames and advice for the optimal lenses. Determine all individual centering data in a matter of seconds and precisely.

The patented measuring system is very easy to use and extremely precise. The integration of the glass and frame consultation is the ideal tool for opticians who want to give their customers a perfect shopping experience. Customers advised with OptikamPad buy higher quality and more.

OptikamPAD modules

Patented centering system by OptikamPad

Determine all important centering parameters with a single shot:

  • Pupillary distance
  • Near height
  • Corneal vertex distance
  • Frame angle
  • Panto
  • Near-PD
  • Frame dimensions

Frame selection with OptikamPad

With the selection of frames you have the possibility to take up to four shots of your customer, in order to facilitate the choice of the suitable version. Playfully send the pictures via e-mail to include family and friends in the decision.

Glass consultation with OptikamPad

A unique glass advisory system interactively illustrates seeing with a variety of glass types. Increase your glass sales and save time.

Augmented reality with OptikamPad

Demonstrate the differences in glass qualities to your customers through the unique live simulation. Your customer experiences live all glass criteria such as progressive lens, tempering, tinting, polarization and much more and thus makes it easier and faster for better quality glass.

Cloud Service for OptikamPad

Use your OptikamPad as a powerful multi-station solution for our cloud service. Secure your customer data with our cloud backup service. You can edit your secured customer data on any iPad in your store.

OptikamPad Videos.

What is OptikamPad?

Training Video OptikamPad

Measuring Tool – 0:58 | Measurements – 5:44 | Lense Demos – 16:50 | Frame Selection – 20:07 | Augmented Reality – 21:42

OptikamPad References.


We have been using the OptikamPad since November 2013. Due to the comfortable size and the low weight a very flexible use in the whole business is possible. The handling of the software is very easy and almost intuitive to use. All detectable parameters that are important for accurate centering are displayed immediately after the measurement. All in all, a very time-saving and labor-saving device that we no longer want to miss.
Claus Krell and team


My dear Mr. Überschär,
I was catapulted into the modern world of centering methodology. It is super good that I have two children who are opticiens themselves and are open to technical innovations. That’s how I got to know your OptikamPad in 2013, and then it was clear that if I opened a shop again, I would invest in the new centering software OptikamPad. It was worth it!

But do not tell anyone, otherwise they all have the great measuring options afterwards.
Bernd & Michel Bonow

GranSeher • Gransee •

In the summer of 2016, we bought the OpticamPad because the centering method with the checkpoint was too imprecise and other systems did not convince us. Since then it is in daily use and an integral part of the progressive lens adaptation. The best thing about OptikamPad is the combination of high-quality measurement technology and the intuitive program on the iPad, which offers the customer a pleasant experience and very precise results. We are still very excited about it.
Judith & Stefan Behm

Diploma in Optometry / Optometrist (FH), Master of Science in Clinical Optometry (USA)

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