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Glasses with Style

Trendy fashion, joie de vivre and unique glasses design.

Marion Ramm | Black Forest on air
Marion Ramm | Black Forest on air
Our youngest and most popular collection.
Marion Ramm | Black Forest & friends
Marion Ramm | Black Forest & friends
Stylish, expressive, creative.
Marion Ramm | Black Forest urban chic
Marion Ramm | Black Forest urban chic
The right design for everyday life.
Marion Ramm | Black Forest marion
Marion Ramm | Black Forest marion
Elegant & stylish models.
Marion Ramm | Black Forest view
Marion Ramm | Black Forest view
A clear statement about half glasses.
Marion Ramm | Black Forest sunshine
Marion Ramm | Black Forest sunshine
Heading for the sun with a difference.

Discover eyewear fashion by Marion Ramm!

Marion Ramm develops modern eyewear fashion for every type. Whether classically stylish, colorful and freaky or in pure elegance – the models offer the right thing for every taste. Let us convince you of our internationally popular collections. Since 1972, the brand has stood for ultra-fashionable frames in many high-quality materials such as acetate, titanium and stainless steel.

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    Black Forest on air

    Frames from “on air” are expressive, always highly fashionable in shape and colour and perfectly reflect the spirit of the times.

    This line is mainly preferred by young people who do not allow boredom to arise and who rate fashion trends higher than fit and aesthetics. For them, the glasses are a clear commitment to the here and now.

    Black Forest & friends

    Glasses from the “& friends” line embody a sophisticated and discreetly fashionable appearance.

    They appeal to stylish men and women in different phases of life who prefer a quieter appearance. They emphasise your outfit with glasses with discreet temple decorations or classic shapes in distinctive colours.

    Black Forest urban chic

    The “urban chic” line stands for aesthetic essence, focusing on classic shapes in both retro and trendy colours that are constantly reinterpreted.

    The wearers of these glasses value a cool, timeless and creative image, whose glasses reflect their philosophy of life.

    Black Forest marion

    The name “marion” is a tribute to the company founder Marion Ramm, who herself was a passionate wearer of decorative glasses.

    This line stands for extremely elegant models in shape and style. The frames are partly equipped with decorative elements, which give the glasses a touch of luxury.

    This is for ladies who want timeless, feminine eyewear for prestigious occasions and as an additional piece of jewellery in their clothing ensemble.

    Black Forest view

    Half-glasses from the “view” line make a clear statement and are available in many classic and fashionable designs.

    As these glasses are only worn for a limited time, extravagant colour effects can be used to brighten the mood.

    This product line was created for men and women of different ages and tastes who value reading glasses with high-quality, individually fitted lenses from their optician.

    Black Forest sunshine

    Heading for the sun with a difference

    Sunglasses from BLACK FOREST enchant with a sophisticated play of colours, high-quality materials and pleasing shapes.

    Whether eye-catching cateyes made of high-quality acetate or popular classics such as aviator sunglasses made of stainless steel, you will find the perfect sun protection for your eyes for young and old.

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